serving Mississippi and surrounding states


Mission Statement and Core Operating Principles

INTERVEST Mission Statement

We are committed to managing affordable, safe and well-maintained housing for low-income persons, some of whom have special needs.  We believe that all persons have a right to quality affordable housing.  We are committed to helping people in need, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.  Through these efforts, we support the dignity of all our tenants, and respect the tenants’ right to meaningful involvement in their community.

INTERVEST Core Operating Principles  

We show respect for all individuals. We believe that all individuals can and want to contribute to their fullest potential.  Differences are valued.  We inspire and enable people to achieve high expectations, standards, and challenging goals.  We are honest with employees about their job performance.

We are strategically focused.We operate under clearly articulated and aligned objectives, within applicable laws, guidelines and regulations, and to fulfill our mission.  We expect employee performance consistent with their job descriptions, and in compliance with applicable laws, guidelines, regulations, goals and objectives. We simplify, standardize, and streamline employee tasks whenever possible to achieve stated goals and objectives.

We seek to be the best.We strive to be the best in all areas of strategic importance to our mission, goals and objectives.  We benchmark performance rigorously against internal and external objectives.  We learn from both our successes and failures.

Personal Mastery.We believe it is the responsibility of all employees to seek to continually develop the skills and abilities necessary for satisfactory job performance and personal and professional advancement.  We expect and encourage technical mastery and excellence in the performance of job tasks and in fulfillment of our goals and objectives.

Mutual Interdependence.We work together with confidence and trust across functions.  We take pride in sharing our best practices and learning from our failures.  We build superior relationships with all parties, including our tenants, co-workers, suppliers, and internal and external partners.

Collaboration with Partners.We work in close collaboration with government agencies to fulfill the goals and objectives stated in our mission statement.  We work in tandem in order to build the best possible community for the benefit of our tenants.